What People Are Saying About

“Authenticity At Your Best”

Rob Weigner
” In this time of great challenges, many are searching for guidance, direction, understanding, courage and feeling connected to family, to others, to themselves.  More and more each day, people are searching for all levels of truth, Ann’s book is a treasure for those searching, and to inspire the search in others.
We are all being gifted the opportunity to release the past habits, patterns, beliefs, and stories, yet few understand the process or even how to begin. This book stands above so many “Spiritual” books as it is AUTHENTIC, it is honest, it is direct, it is compassionate and it teaches.  All AUTHENTIC! “
” I have known Ann for many years, and her deep understanding, teachings and truth in her book is a true reflection of her Authenticity.
Her book guides, not instructs the reader how to achieve their own personal truth by presenting personal and real stories, challenging thought questions, followed by simple yet powerful and effective exercises.  Exercises easy to imagine/visualize and complete.  The “Questions to Consider”, and the “Guides for Reflection” inspire confidence in the journey of personal truth and transformation.
Her book contains many “real” and personal events reminding us of our own personal challenges in a way that motivates the reader to continue on their journey and the ending affirmations are a perfect conclusion to her brilliantly written book.”

~ Rob Wergin, Devine conduit as seen in the documentary HEAL

Discover and Uncover Your True Self

A Must Read

” Authenticity At Your Best is a must read for anyone seeking a more expansive and freer expression of who they are and experience a well lived life. Ann Allen’s vast knowledge and experience is reflected in this incredibly important book on discovering and uncovering your true self. Ann demonstrates through her own life how she made decisions, choosing to follow her heart, instead of following her fears and bending to the will of others. She shares that the best version of ourselves requires we make tough choices, to not abandon ourselves or our own guidance. When we step into our truth, the universe shifts and provides immediate evidence to confirm we have made the right choice.

“Ann reminds us that when we embrace our “one of a kind expression of divinity’: our own unique uniqueness, we become free to express our own combination of talents and gifts while we risk rejection for being our most authentic self. Ann provides unique, more freeing questions, methods, and· practices to- reveal a new level of awareness and to make decisions about our life. She teaches us how to be more alive, being able to move forward boldly with courage, honesty, and vulnerability despite any looming fear and criticism. For anyone struggling with self-worth. and hiding their true potential, “Authenticity At Your Best” will free you from the aspect of self sabotage and the world will greatly benefit.”

~ Deborah Reynolds, Speaker, Image and Transformation Expert, is co-author of “The Silver Lining of Cancer” and co-author along with Wayne Dyer and Tony Robbins of “Wake up, Live the Life You Love: Living in Clarity.

“A must read … thought provoking, inspiring guide.

During these times, get back to basics. Authenticity will set you apart from others, guiding you back to your true self”

theguardian-xsmall~ Maura Zazenski,, Co-Chair, Marketing and Public Relations

A Wonderful Guide

”As a young 20-year-old, I found this book to be a wonderful guide to understanding and living a purposeful authentic life.”

globe-xsmall~ Cole DeLeon

You Won’t Be Disappointed

Pure Love and Cosmic Inspiration

“Ann is a gift and a light to all of us who are blessed to know her. To see her in action and to feel the ambient positive energy she resonates is simply refreshing.

The authenticity she speaks of in this book reverently shines brightly in her life in both word and deed, without any pretense or agenda, except to help mankind and our world collectively manifest into a better place.
This reference guide to obtaining greater self realization, happiness, and fulfillment contains teachings chambered from pure love and cosmic inspiration.

She taps into some key points that are both timely and eternal. The concepts and methodologies she touches upon will help anyone on their journey, no matter what level already attained, high or low.
With her well-rounded education and extensive life-experiences, she has “walked the walk” and earned the right to give advice we can emulate and trust I admonish you to take the time to change channels, take a deep breath, and flow through the pages like water … with an open mind, honestly and without resistance.
You won’t be disappointed … don’t forget to enjoy your journey of discovery; it’s half the fun!”

Kirk D Bradley, Rocket Scientist, Author, Inventive Engineer, CEO

Get To Know Yourself Better

“In clear, concise yet loving language Ann provides a simple yet powerful handbook to getting to know yourself better. No matter your age or how much you have read, there are gems in this book to assist you in delving deeper for self-examination and growth. This is a book to keep with you, filled with information, thoughts, and examples and tools. It is presented with love, encouragement, optimism and enduring respect for the challenges of being human. I love this book and learn something or discover a new aspect of myself and life each time I pick it up. Every once in a while, a book comes into your hands that seems to be written just for you. I found this book to be a loving reminder of all the ways we are a product of our lives and examines aspects of myself to review or celebrate.”

~ Holly Thomas, Artist

“AUTHENTICITY AT YOUR BEST by.Ann Allen is a great read. It made me think about who I am and more importantly, at the age of 67, who I want to be. It helped me open my eyes to the things I do to prevent me from being my authentic self and gave me the tools to start changing. Ms. Allen uses many examples that describe how we can identify unhealthy patterns and start letting them go.”

~ Cheryl Garcia

A Great Read

”As a yoga instructor and avid reader, I really enjoyed this book because it was insightful and challenged you to dive deeper into your self-awareness. If you are looking to grow and connect with your authentic self, this book is a great read!”

~ Katy Williamson, Yoga Instructor

Not getting the best possible results?

Create Your Best Life Experience

“Have you ever been frustrated operating a complicated piece of equipment for which you have no Owners’ Manual? You figure a lot of things out on your own using trial and error, but you just know you’re not getting the best possible results .

“Well, life is just like that piece of equipment. It was given to me with no Owners’ Manual provided to my parents to other influential adults in my life, or to me. In fact, the “operating beliefs” that influence everything to do with my success and my happiness were installed by these adults, (well-meaning though they may have been) completely without my permission.
Ann Allen’s “Authenticity at Your Best” is just such an Owner’s Manual. It is a workbook that guides the reader to show up mentally, emotionally and spiritually to create his/her best life experience. Many authors “preach the magic way’: in contrast, Ann invites the reader on a guided exploration of what’s working, what isn’t, and what to do about it I’d want this book with me if I were stranded on an island.”

~ Cyndi Hacker,Owner, The Coaching Staff /Excellence in Leadership and Personal Effectiveness

“The author, Ann Allen, engages us by laying out personal examples of discovering her path of self understanding, growth and healing. Therefore, the realization of the true authentic self She helps us to discover our limiting/false beliefs, repeatable patterns, emotional wounds, etc, and sets a trajectory of releasing what is keeping us stuck from living our authentic self The author provides a well written, thought-provoking guide to anyone who is undertaking change in their life. If you are living in a state of questioning, growing and wanting more this book is a wonderful guide and supportive tool in which you will be sure to reference over and over.”

~ Sue Keller / Wholistic Energy Practitioner