Authenticity is often an overused word that is rarely understood. Many would define authenticity, as “‘being honest” or “telling the truth.” It encompasses so very much more. It is best defined as a congruency between the inside world and the outside world. Your inside world being your beliefs and values, your feelings, your gifts and talents, your passions and dreams, and your challenges and experiences. Your outside world is work, home, community, play, and life.

Before reading further, ask yourself:

► Do you live your beliefs and values?
► Are you sharing your gifts and talents?
►What dreams have you forgotten?
► What passion still wants to be expressed?
The scope of authenticity is so much more extensive than you previously may have imagined and when it is fully expressed, the “real” person shows up. When you are free of limiting beliefs and harmful patterns, the true and beautiful parts of you reveal themselves. This is when real connection can begin on a level that was not possible before. What does authenticity mean to you? My hope is that this book brings a more expanded meaning to your answer.

Authenticity At Your Best” will give you a step by step path to uncovering your true self, the real self that yearns to be expressed and acknowledged and lived through. As more and more individuals becomes aware of their own authenticity and live accordingly, so much freedom will be realized and eventually change will occur in a dramatic and positive way.

You will learn to:

  • Realize with awareness, how choice, decision, focus and attention to detail affect one’s life.
  • Achieve a greater understanding of one’s values and truths.
  • Gain an understanding of what authenticity involves.
  •  Discover more fully that which is true and beautiful in oneself.
  • Recover what needs to be healed.
  • Uncover your gifts, talents and dreams.
  • Open to new pardigm and engage in life with passion